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From October 1st 2018- 2 new lenders for a poor credit remortgage.

From December 1st 2017 – NO BROKER FEES!

Don’t pay a £1495 fee to another broker!

Ravenwood Mortgage Services have funds from a lender offering excellent terms, with an open-minded view to some bad credit.

But funds are limited, so please fill in the form below with your details.  As funds go down the lender’s criteria will start to get more strict!

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Early January this year (2018) there have been some new lenders appear with excellent terms for poor credit remortgages.  Some rates are only 0.9% higher than normal prime lenders, which is previously unheard of, especially without a big fee.

If in the past six years you have been unable to service your credit agreements or you have ended up with a ccj for some stupid reason like a forgotten water bill, many lenders will reject your mortgage application straight away.

House in Torquay

House in Torquay

Primary residence poor credit remortgages from Ravenwood

Ravenwood Services have relationships with lenders that take an open-minded view to people with some adverse credit, as they understand that not everyone with a ccj or default is a complete deadbeat.  Ill-health, break down of relationships, temporary loss of work or income are all entirely plausible reasons for some credit arrears, while a person may still have a good future of being able to support a mortgage.

Now post Lehman collapse lenders want to know if you can service the mortgage you’re committing to.  No longer is the prospect of further house price increases enough for lenders to lend.  But for reformed responsible borrowers this a good thing not a bad thing and should protect the property market from getting frothy with hot speculative money.

With today’s bad credit remortgages even if some of your bad credit is gone, it may be possible to refinance away expensive 2nd charge lending and put all the debt on the home into one first charge lender at a reasonable rate.  Also if you have secured borrowing at a shorter repayment duration with a high monthly payment as a result, refinancing this away can further reduce your monthly payments, so the term is matched with your entire mortgage.

UK Bad credit remortgage options

While it is often true a mortgage from 2006 or 2007 is a good deal and is worth keeping, especially if its interest only, there are still opportunities to refinance at a fixed rate to protect yourself from rate rises in the much longer term.  An adverse credit mortgage broker can help you secure funds.

Interest rates should stay low in the short term (2018 and 2019), but after that, the path of short term rates could be on the rise.  It’s common to keep a mortgage for seven years, so refinancing with a five year fixed deal could prove very savvy even for people with some bad credit history.

Some economists would predict that if interest rates rise so should your earnings or wages as inflation would only start to become a problem as the result of increasing wages.

Renting vs Buying even with some adverse history

Renting a home is financially like having a 100% interest only mortgage at about 5-6%.  So if the house that suits your needs is worth about £120,000, the rent is maybe £7200 a year or £600 a month.

Check out this Knight Frank report page:


If you have some savings like say £25,000, you would only need to borrow £95,000.  Even a mortgage with a rate as high as 4.5% the interest on the mortgage is £4275 a year or about £356.25 a month.  Plus you have the stability of owning your own home and not being given notice by a landlord who may want his property back to sell or to live in himself, or want to turf you out so he can put his rent up.

Government legislation has recently clamped down on agents charging tenants substantial application fees and fees for referencing.  But even modest fees and delays getting your deposit back make the costs of moving every 18 months quite expensive.

Its fair to consider that you must repay capital if you get a repayment mortgage, so this you must budget for.  And you must plan for buildings insurance which is likely a term of your mortgage to have.

For a freehold house you should budget for some improvements/repairs, and of course, if you buy a leasehold flat, you need to plan for the management fees.

If you don’t pay your management fees, the management agents are entirely within their rights to write to your lender and get you in trouble with breaking the terms of your lease and therefore the terms of your mortgage.  They will simply lookup your lender with the land registry.  The lender is shown with the date the lender took the charge.

When borrowers get into financial difficulty, it has been known for mortgage lenders to pay the borrower’s management fee arrears and add it onto the mortgage principal as the consequences of not paying the management fees are severe for the borrower and lender.

Good reasons for an Adverse Refinance

  • Get rid of an existing lender or lender(s) with very high rates
  • Consolidate a high rate 2nd charge secured loan with a mismatched or too short-term
  • The existing lender discount variable rate has expired
  • Existing lender fixed rate has ended
  • An existing lender has offered you a cash incentive to refinance away from them
  • Existing lenders term has run out
  • Court has said you must remove the partner from the mortgage as a result of separation/divorce
  • Release equity from the home to pay for divorce settlement or stop the fire sale of other liquid assets
  • Raise money for the purchase of another property to rent out
  • Consolidate existing unsecured debt to reduce monthly outgoings

Tier 2 Visa Holders – remortgage with no fees

Even with Brexit getting closer as still very uncertain we still have Bad Credit Remortgage options for Tier 2 visa holders.

Equity release options

Of people of a certain age could consider Santander Equity Release Schemes, Lloyds Bank equity Release, Barclays equity release, HSBC Equity Release or Natwest Equity Release

We use other lenders in addition to the ones listed below:

Yorkshire Bank
Coventry Building Society
Tipton and Coseley Building Society
Paragon Mortgages
Marsden Building Society
Kent Reliance
Legal & General lifetime mortgages
First Trust Bank
Nationwide Bridging Loans
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Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society
Monmouthshire Building Society
Hanley Building Society
Birmingham Midshires
Newbury Building Society
Capital Home Loans
Halifax Equity Release
Bank of Ireland
Progressive Building Society
Ipswich Building Society
London Mortgage Company
Beverley Building Society
Scottish Building Society
Mercantile Building Society
Stafford Railway
Leek United
First Direct
Hinckley and Rugby
Standard Life Bank
Mansfield Building Society
Skipton Building Society
Nationwide Equity Release
Saffron Walden Hertfordshire and Essex
Co-operative Bank
Dudley Building Society
Southern Pacific
Furness Building Society
Bath Building Society
Chesham Building Society
First National
Chorley and District
Amber Homeloans
National Counties
Future Mortgages
Newcastle Building Society
Norwich and Peterborough
Pink Home Loans
Cheshire Building Society
Mortgage Trust
Clydesdale Bank

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 9 reviews
by Hussain on RWS
Remortgage of my home

Ravenwood told me because my income was excellent I could qualify for a good remortgage even though my credit had a few dents in it. They are very good people. Go with Raven not with other crooks, some are bad.

by Mrs Devon on RWS
Paul very helpful

Paul is a proper professional who looked out for me all the way through. He spoke directly to lenders for me to try and get me the better rate that I needed. The deal he got me technically I shouldn't have qualified for! And the fee was very fair too.

by Sarah on RWS
Very nice people

They had to chase me for paperwork which the lender needed but they were very nice to me. The rate I got was really good and my new mortgage is affordable and the money I got I paid off all my other bills. I feel much better.

by Antony from Leeds on RWS
Was sick of others with high fees

Ravenwood were far less greedy with their fee and were much more professional than others I had call me OVER AND OVER AGAIN! And raven were very efficient.

by David B on RWS

I got a remortgage with ravenwoods help after my IFA had sent me to someone that charged very high fees. Ravenwood were much cheaper for me!

by Gill on RWS
Remortgage help

My circumstances had changed quite dramatically and I didn't have my partners income any more but Ravenwood helped me get a remortgage.

by Tay on RWS
Really nice people

Paul at Ravenwood in Putney acted fast and efficiently. It was me that slowed the whole process up. But with his help I found all the paperwork the lender needed and it all happened!

by Evan Banks on RWS
Nice people not judgemental or arrogant

Other brokers were bullies and sometimes even rude to my because of my credit history which unfortunately was caused by serious illness. Ravenwood were polite and professional and understood me. And they acted quickly.

by Sharon on RWS
I got a remortgage in time to pay my tax bill

Ravenwood got me a remortgage as my accountant had messed up and the inland revenue were getting really nasty to me. They saved the day I am really chuffed with them!