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Ravenwood Services offer the most competitive mortgages from a massive panel of lenders.  As well as industry-standard software tools, we have access to finance from other non-mainstream lenders that want to finance UK buy to let property.

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If I don’t have a repayment mortgage I will never own my property?

While you could argue this is true, there are many forces at play in terms of money that you could consider.

What do the Bank of England say about inflation?

Why should I have a repayment mortgage?  Well, banks like them but property investors should hate them as they are destructive in many ways.

Screen capture from website below:

Bank of England inflation target
Bank of England inflation target

Its stated UK monetary policy that your Mortgage Principal should be inflated away in real terms.  Its referenced and displayed above.

So why would you give the money back to the bank out of your own pocket if its going to be inflated away anyway?

The reality is unless your forced to you just wouldn’t.  The savvy investor might choose to use the money left over each month to invest and put to another productive purpose, instead of paying effectively more inflation tax than they otherwise would have.

Interest Only But to Let Mortgages for UK residential property

Buy to let mortgages are property purchase loans made to those looking to become landlords, or experienced property professionals seeking to expand their portfolios.

With home values rising and the money obtainable from rent also on the up, now is a great time to buy a house as an investment. However, with lending criteria becoming more stringent since the pre-2008 housing boom, it is important to seek out the services of an adviser who is experienced in dealing with buy to let mortgage applications. The recent economic recovery has seen more lenders return to the buy to let market and the rates available are very competitive, but finding the best deal can still be challenging.

At Ravenwood Services we believe in taking the hassle out of finding a good buy to let mortgage deal. Regardless of your status, we can assist you in obtaining the finance needed to make your dreams of becoming a professional landlord a reality. Our advisers are trained to the highest possible standard and can talk you through the process of making an application, as well help you to find a lender that suits your circumstances.

We are just a freephone call away and we’d love to help.

Buy to let mortgage rates 85 ltv

Typically buy to let residential property mortgages have a slightly higher rate than owner occupier mortgages.  Lenders that offer higher loan to value mortgages like 85% typically have a slightly higher rate still, but have higher fees also.


Aldermore Bank
Mortgage Rates
BM Solutions
Buckinghamshire Building Society
Build Store
Cambridgeshire Building Society
Clydesdale Bank
Coventry Building Society
Darlington Building Society
Dudley Building Society
Hinkley and Rugby
Ipswich Building Society
Kent Reliance
Leeds Building Society
Leek united
Market Harborough
The Melton
Monmouthshire Building Society
Mortgage Trust
Nationwide Building Society
Nottingham Building Society
Royal Bank of Scotland
Saffron Walden Building Society
Scottish Widows
Skipton Building Society
The Mortgage Works
One Account Mortgage
Woolwich Building Society Mortgage Rate

An adverse credit remortgage can be a cheaper way of releasing equity than a secured loan.

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Metrobank Secured Loan
NatWest Bank Secured Loan
No Broker Fees Secured Loans
HSBC Bank Bridging Loans
Co-operative Bank Secured Loan
Halifax Secured Loan
Barclays Bank Secured Loan
Lloyds Bank Secured Loan

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Interest Only Buy to Let Mortgages
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Loan to value for equity release?

You can borrow 65% of your property’s valuation. For example, if your house is valued at £330000 you can borrow £214500.

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