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  • Axio Mortgages provide expert mortgage advisers most lenders charge for
  • Up to 95% loan to value

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In the past, people who weren’t on a company or state payroll often found it hard to get a mortgage.

Liars Loan

Lenders were wary of providing a mortgage to contracted workers, the self-employed or anyone who was in a non-salaried position and found it difficult to provide proof of a fixed, regular income.

Today even more people are on short-term contracts, are self-employed or have freelance status. As the workforce has had to adapt to change, so too have lenders, and many now offer the choice of a non-status mortgage. A non-status mortgage can be the ideal way for non-salaried workers to secure the funds to buy a house.

With a non-status mortgage, the borrower must declare they can afford to service the mortgage, and do not need to provide proof of income by way of bank statements or company accounts.

They will have to sign a statement of earnings and the lender will check credit records and may ask for references from a previous lender. In today’s working environment, a non-status mortgage can be a good option, and finding a competitive rate is a lot easier than it once was.

Non-Status Mortgage Lenders in 2023

For independent advice on non-status mortgages contact us on our London phone number and we’ll do all we can to find you the best deal available.

More options for the removal of home equity

Maybe under 50 equity release could be an option for your depending on your circumstances.  Secured loans for bad credit and remortgages for people with bad credit are also realistic options.

Some lenders we have in our panel include:

Santander Equity Release Schemes
Coventry Building Society
Yorkshire Bank
Yorkshire Building Society

Traditional Lenders’ LTI ratios and debt consolidation mortgage lenders criterior

LTI ratio is the Loan to Income ratio.  Ravenwood has a lender that will consider six times salary mortgages and remortgages for people with a good credit history.

Not keen on paying big fees – Non Status Mortgages or debt consolidation remortgage?

Ravenwood has agreements with lenders that do remortgages with no fees. Many brokers offering bad credit remortgage the UK like to charge a minimum fee of around £1495. Ravenwood doesn’t do this!

Do you have a tier 2 visa and need to consolidate debt?

Ravenwood has a surprisingly large number of lenders which will lend to tier two visa holders at near-mainstream interest rates.

Debt Consolidation Mortgage Providers

There are some new Debt Consolidation Mortgage Providers in 2023 with free mortgage advice to consolidate debts like personal loans,

Are you sick of your unsecured debt?

If you have unsecured loans, and other debts at an interest rate with high monthly payments, you could repay debts like this with a mortgage deal from your existing lender to repay your unsecured borrowing.

Mortgage Over 70

Non-Homeowner Guarantor Loans Same Day Payout

Metrobank Secured Loan
NatWest Bank Secured Loan
No Broker Fees Secured Loans
HSBC Bank Bridging Loans

Starting 1st February 2023 Ravenwood Services can offer non-status mortgages with a very high approval rate.

  • £379 Lenders fee and no broker fees
  • Up to 85% LTV (Loan to Value)
  • Rates 1.69% above the Bank of England base rate (variable)
  • Residential Remortgage or Residential Property Purchase
  • Leasehold or Freehold properties including flats above shops
  • The lender has limited funds to lend so please inquire quickly

Co-operative Bank Secured Loan
Halifax Secured Loan
Barclays Bank Secured Loan
Lloyds Bank Secured Loan

Non Status Mortgages

Non-Status Mortgages and non status commercial mortgages
No Broker Fees Secured Loans and non status mortgage providers uk
Interest Only Buy to Let Mortgages
Remortgages from Ravenwood Services
High Loan to Value Buy to Let Property Mortgages
No Guarantor no proof of income mortgage 2023

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loan No Guarantor

What is a non status mortgage?

A non status mortgage is a mortgage loan underwritten with no proof of income.

Do non status mortgages still exist?

Yes, they still exist. A non status borrower can get the funds they need.

Can you still get non status mortgage?

Yes, in 2023 there are overseas lenders offering this type of finance. The non status mortgage calculator can help you. You can also get a non status interest-only mortgage.

Do debt consolidation mortgages have higher rates?

No, not necessarily, they have rates very similar to normal mortgages. Some debt consolidation remortgages have no fees and allow you to pay off your remaining mortgage balance.