Self Cert Mortgages 2018

If you are interested in options for financing your home purchase or remortgage with the minimum of paperwork, without the need for accountants and other 3rd party verification please inquire below.  Self Cert Mortgages for 2018!

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Liars loans

For people who are looking for stated income finance in 2017, Ravenwood Services can often help people with a shortage of paperwork or contracts.  Even now some lenders are willing to minimise your monthly outgoings with interest only mortgages.  Rate start at 2% above Bank of England base rate, with some lenders offering deals with fixed rates for 2 to 5 years.


When it comes to credit scoring, self-employed will always score lower than full time employed. The laws in the UK protect the employed at the expense of the employer. What a lender really cares about is a borrower’s ability to service their mortgage.  Back in the 2000’s self cert mortgages were very popular Ravenwood Services can help you to find a mortgage that fits based on today’s lenders terms.

How many years of accounts if any are needed?

Two years of accounts from a reputable chartered accountant, a good credit history and an appropriately sized deposit are often all is needed. Many of the mortgages available via Ravenwood Services are the exact same mortgage products as for people with jobs. All the main high-street lenders are willing to accept the self-employed. Some very risk averse high-street lenders like to see 3 years accounts.  But there are many lenders that Ravenwood Mortgage Services know that require much less proof of income.  Don’t forget if you have income from buy to let properties, bonds or stocks this may help you also.

Things that might help you:

The following are important but not mandatory: • A good credit score • Up to date accounts, both personal and for your company if you have one • Your SA302s from the inland revenue • Proof of other income including dividends from shares and rental income

What lenders want in 2017?

The more you can offer the lender, the better the deal you will get. Also the more you give to Ravenwood, the more lenders we can start a dialogue with minimising the risk of refusal. Ravenwood don’t want you to apply for mortgages you will get refused as its not good for your credit score.  We aim to get your mortgage application right first time. If you have not got any accounts because you just have not done them and have not paid your taxes it would be unwise to tie up money in an illiquid asset like a residential or commercial property as it would be very quick and easy for the tax man to just take them.

UK Interest Only Self Certification Mortgage

Lenders recently re entering the mortgage market are offering interest only terms.  Self cert mortgages are back for the British people.  Loan to value (LTV) for borrowers can be 80%, 85%, 90% and even up to 95%.

No Doc Mortgage – interest only?

If you are a high net worth individual and you simply want to cheaply lever up your home to maintain your stock portfolio, self certification mortgages are an ideal opportunity.

US stocks are a little bit expensive now, but European and UK stocks are still relatively cheap considering how low interest rates still are.

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Bradford and Bingley Building Society
Mercantile Building Society
Intelligent Finance
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Future Mortgages
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Monmouthshire Building Society
Holmesdale Building Society
Darlington Building Society
Buckinghamshire Building Society
Bristol and West
Furness Building Society
Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society
Progressive Building Society
Stroud and Swindon
Birmingham Midshires
Dunfermline Building Society
Barnsley Building Society
Co-operative Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Standard Life Bank
Amber Homeloans
Scottish Building Society
Bank of Scotland
Mortgage Trust
First Direct
Co-operative Insurance
Clydesdale Bank
Coventry Building Society
Bank of Ireland
Kent Reliance
Bath Building Society
London Mortgage Company
Hinckley and Rugby Building Society
Leeds Building Society
Chesham Building Society
Southern Pacific
Irish Permanent
Saffron Walden Hertfordshire and Essex Building Society
Swansea Building Society
Beverley Building Society
Penrith Building Society
Cumberland Building Society
Alliance and Leicester
Earl Shilton Building Society
Paragon Mortgages
West Bromwich Building Society
Yorkshire Building Society
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Scottish Widows Bank
National Counties Building Society
Abbey National Building Society
Dudley Building Society
Cheshire Building Society
First Active
Legal and General
Skipton Building Society
Leek United Building Society
Newcastle Building Society
Lambeth Building Society
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
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Ipswich Building Society
Mortgage Works
Ecology Building Society
First National
Northern Bank
Chelsea Building Society
Nationwide Building Society
Hanley Building Society
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Northern Rock

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I got rid of my old mortgage and Ravenwood found me one £120 a month cheaper. Was well worth the effort!

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I didn't think anyone could help me, but raven wood did! I am very happy!