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Remortgages For Over 60s


Are you close to the end of the existing mortgage on your home?  If you have a mortgage you need to repay Lloyds Interest Only Remortgages For Over 60s could be suitable to pay your existing lender.  A remortgage example:

  • Up to 70% loan to value
  • 2.94% Fixed for life
  • No early repayment charge
  • Portable product where you can move house
  • Free valuation
  • No upper age limit mortgage term end
  • Affordable monthly payments with our later life mortgages
  • Get A Free No Obligation Quote

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Can I Get a Remortgage if I am Over 60?

Yes, if you have a good personal income and credit rating.  Older borrowers can get great rates.  The market value of your property is key to the home loan.


Are there mortgages for over 65s?

Yes, as long as you have the income to make the mortgage repayments.  You can get some great rates on retirement interest only mortgages.


Can you remortgage over 60?

Yes, as long as you can afford to pay interest each month on the new mortgage loan secured on your home. You will need to prove your pension payments and other post retirement income.  When  you compare mortgages you might find mortgage lenders with a fixed interest rate very similar to traditional mortgages.


Can I Remortgage Past Age 65?

Yes, if you are over 65 you can still remortgage your home as long as you understand your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up repayments.  A mortgage market review can help you find the right mortgage deal in the mortgage market.


Mortgages For the Over 55s

You can use your pension pot income so getting a mortgage over 55 is easy, there are fewer lenders than a typical product aimed at a younger person but you still have many options when you own your current home or you are thinking of moving home.  Later in life before long term care lending can be achieved at a very low rate.

Is there a retirement remortgage calculator?

Yes, your mortgage broker will give you mortgage advice based on the retirement remortgage calculator results.  Successful mortgage applicants will find the mortgage for over 60s easy to pay each month with their monthly income.

Does Lloyds Bank provide mortgage advice for free?

Yes, Lloyds bank provides advice about the maximum age limit, retirement age, no negative equity guarantee, monthly repayments, pension income, later life borrowers personal circumstances and means tested benefits.

Should I consider an equity release mortgage or other lifetime mortgages instead?

A mortgage adviser will explain to you a lifetime mortgage does not require the older borrower to make monthly payments, the repayment vehicle is the sale of the home.

What about a guarantor mortgage?

A later life borrower should not need to look at guarantor mortgages as long as they have good monthly outgoings and an excellent credit score.

Can get a mortgage without worrying about the mortgage period, maximum age limits and specialist remortgage products?

Yes, you can forget building societies age restrictions, repayment vehicles and maximum age limits as long as you can make the repayments on your mortgage.

Should I think hard before securing debts against my home?

Yes, you should think very hard before you release money tied up in your home to pay off other debts as the costs involved can be substantial.  Security debts against your home should be a last resort.


Can I remortgage my home and get a lump sum if I am currently mortgage free?

Yes, many lenders including high street lenders will give you tailored advice on your borrowing options so you can make an informed decision.

Can you get buy to let mortgages when you are over 60?

Yes, older people with an excellent credit score may be able to get buy to let remortgages and tracker mortgages at excellent interest rates.

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completely free mortgage products from different lenders for the ageing population
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use your state pension regular income at the age of 65 for mortgages for over 60s
most lenders allow other debt secured on your home at the age of 60
other lenders allow older applicants to have lump sums for home improvements
when applying for a mortgage top tips are think carefully before securing other debts on your home
you can make a decent amount from house prices when you buy a home with older borrowers retirement income

Remortgages for primary residence residential property

Large Family home

As in most parts of the UK property prices have recovered back to the 2007 highs or higher, a remortgage can be an attractive option for some people who may want to release some equity or get a better rate.

If you want to take a long term view and be defensive, a five year fixed rate remortgage could prove to be very prudent as it offers a lot of certainties.

If you damage your credit history around the recession it’s likely now your bad credit has disappeared from your credit file and now could be a good time to refinance your entire mortgage and get rid of any expensive second charge loans or previous subprime mortgages.

While it is true that interest-only mortgages are rare, as long as you have affordability for a repayment mortgage there are some excellent tracker rates and fixed rates to be found.

Many prime lenders will accept self-employed people and salaried people, income from the state in the form of long term benefits and other entitlements.

Another common remortgage scenario is in the event of separation or divorce where one partner gets the family home as part of a settlement and they want to be the sole owner and sole guarantor of the mortgage.
Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit Uk No Guarantor

If a couple has one person with good income and good credit, and the other person has a poor income and bad credit, a remortgage away from a sub-prime lender into a prime lender in the name of just the person with good income and good credit could save a significant amount of money over the term.

Interest-only remortgages

If you believe in the strength of the UK property market, an interest-only mortgage will allow you to get a more expensive house for the same monthly payment.  As long as your willing to accept the risk of not having the enforced savings program where you will eventually own your home, the interest-only option may suit your needs.

Lloyds Interest Only Remortgages For Over 60s

A remortgage for bad credit can take a small amount of time if you have all your proofs of income ready and your home is a standard construction.

How much can I get?

You can borrow 60% of your home’s valuation. As an example, if your house is worth £200000 you can get £120000.


Lloyds Interest Only Remortgages For Over 60s

You can release equity in retirement with a retirement interest only mortgage without the need for specialist lenders and costly independent financial advice.

Are saga mortgages for over 60s a good deal?

When you go and try to find mortgages for early retirement the right lender could be Saga, but a fully qualified expert broker generally speaking will look at many specialist products before they calculate the overall cost.


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Remortgages For Over 60S

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