Natwest Secured Loan Options for UK Homeowners

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  • Up to 95% Loan to Value
  • Longer-term loans to match the term of your existing mortgage
  • You don’t need to have a bank account with NatWest Bank
  • NatWest Secured Loan Low fixed Rates from 2.43%
  • Consolidate other high-cost debt and have one low monthly payment
  • Details of your home

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Natwest Secured Loan


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  • Details of your home

  • About You

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homeowner loan - likely to be accepted?Natwest Homeowner Loans – Low monthly repayments

For a larger loan than typically offered on an unsecured basis, for people with the right employment status a Natwest homeowner loan could be a good option.  Credit reference agencies will be interrogated but no broker fee will be added onto the loan.

The loan application will be comprehensive buy no lender fee will be taken.  Repayments can be made over 10 years and can range up to about £1000 per month.

The second charge is a debt secured on your home.  The credit check is not done via a credit broker.  Think carefully before securing loans on your home as you home may be repossessed.

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Natwest homeowner loans

What is a Natwest Secured Loan?

A secured loan is a type of loan in which you pledge something (for eg residential property, house, home, flat or car) as collateral to take the loan. This collateral acts as secured debt for the creditor who had given the loan.

If the borrower isn’t able to pay back the loan then the creditor takes the possession of the asset of the borrower and may sell it to regain the amounts which the creditor has loaned to the borrower.

Usually secured loans have a low rate of interest as compared to unsecured loans because the creditor already has possession of your property if you give poor credit or bad credit the lender can sell your property. Some of the examples of unsecured loans are a personal loan or business loan. Although in unsecured loan both the lender and borrower faces the loss.

As Natwest Secured Loan can provide a good amount of benefits to both borrower and the lender. It can be a benefit of taking a secured loan as they have a low rate of interest and on the other hand, the lender also used to have an upper hand as they have collateral with them.

Affordability of good lender depends on the credit score, if an individual will repay the debts of the lenders then the credit scores are quite good. Basically, the higher the credit score the more financially trustworthy a person is considered to be. Generally in case of secured loans borrower with low credit scores doesn’t face many difficulties as compared to unsecured loans.

Sometimes the lenders will give loan or not depends on the ltv ratio or loan to value ratio that is if the ratio is 80% or below its considered to be good.  Although the ltv rates 90%, 95% or 85% are also quite satisfactory among the lenders.

The bank will always do a credit search to look at your financial behaviour so that it can provide the right amount of loan. Many times bank also do a soft search to look for your credit score although it doesn’t affect your credit score and the best part is the lenders also gets to know about it.

Many times the borrower predicts the interest rates quite accurately if the loan is in the fixed-rate period, during this period the interest rate doesn’t fluctuate.  It has an advantage as fixed rates are a certainty. This can help borrowers to plan properly and maintain a certain standard of living.

It also helps the borrower to repay the debt in a calculated manner. Loans on buy to let properties are secured, like when you borrow loan on a buy to let property and you rent that property it will help you to pay your debts on sideways without major type of difficulties.

Generally, these secured loans are different from credit cards because they have a fixed rate and have fixed time limits, unlike credit cards.

As Natwest Bank provides wonderful loans you can try out on some of them.

Some of the main advantages of a Natwest secured loan are borrowers can get a good amount of loan as lenders are pretty much confident that they can get their money back either from the loan repayments or from the sale of the property. They have a low rate of interest as compared to unsecured loans as the lenders take less financial risks. There are also huge chances that people with low-interest rates also get a loan in secured loans.