Six Times Income Mortgages for 2018

New starting September 2018! Semi Exclusive to Ravenwood Services

6x Your Income/Salary Residential Mortgage

Tipton and Coseley Building Society

Large home in South West London

Property Purchase Mortgage and Remortgage from this lender! Six times.

If you need to maximise the borrowing against your own home Ravenwood have access to a very special range of mortgages, which include fixed and variable rates.  They will accept applications from first time buyers, professional landlords, self employed and contractors.  Even if your income is from multiple sources like dividends on your stocks, bond coupon income, income from holding shares in private companies as well as wages/salaries and directors dividends.  This lender understand that if you don’t spend a lot of money on car finance and expensive holidays an LTI (loan to income) of six is very affordable and equivalent in many ways to what people pay in rent for a similar property.

Also available are Interest only terms to keep your monthly payment down.

Other options include a 2 year fixed rate and and 5 year fixed rate.  If you are remortgaging to pay down other debts, this lender will ignore the service cost of these debts when assessing affordability – a truly common sense approach.

At very slightly higher rates this lender offers loan to value of 85% too.

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