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  • No broker fee secured loans
  • 3.02% APRC
  • Term of loan up to 25 years
  • No lender fees apart from low cost drive-by valuation fee
  • Lender not available on the comparison sites
  • Use the money for anything you like including debt consolidation


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no credit check loans

Wendy from Glasgow

My ex-boyfriend had applied for loans and credit cards in my name and run them up buying things we did not need. I had so many things going out of my bank each month I ended up getting payday loans. Now I have one personal loan I was able to pay off all my debts and have one monthly payment I can afford. It is a relief!


financial conduct authority no broker fee loans

Helen from Dorset – No Broker Fee Secured Loans

I owed money to lots of debt collectors including Cabot, Link Financial, Lowell and Advantis. I managed to do a deal with all of them to make full and final settlements. They got between 10 and 20p in the pound. My debt consolidation loan paid for all these debts and the payment I can afford. I even have enough money left over each month to get my hair and nails done!  No broker fee loans are great for me.


no fee loans

Kate from Brighton – No Broker Fee Secured Loans

I paid off all my existing debts, it was a fantastic experience as they call and call and call all the time if you do not pay on time. I now have one payment each month just after my payday, the interest you pay with this loan is much lower. I had to get an unsecured loan as I do not own a house or flat.  I didn’t want to pay a fee so loans without fees are great for me.


short term loans- no loan sharks

Katherine from Winchester

I have had two great days in 2021, despite the coronavirus. One day was when I dumped my abusive boyfriend and got my own place, and the other was when I paid off all my old debts with my debt consolidation loan. I now have a low fixed monthly payment I can afford, and I will be debt-free in 2023!


loans no credit check

Tess from Wakefield

I had got in trouble with loan sharks at bonkers APR rates and I needed to sort my debts out. I got a debt consolidation loan at a much lower rate and I have just one monthly payment that I can afford.  UK loans without fees are a fantasitc deal for me.


no fees loans low credit scores

Betty from Worcester

I used to have 3 credit cards, 2 catalogues, a store card, and a personal loan. My new debt consolidation loan paid off all these and I only pay back £167 per month that I can easily afford.  No Broker Fee Secured Loans are great!


poor credit rating loans with no fees

Jane from Bridgewater

My new unsecured debt consolidation loan has made multiple payments each month reduce from a total of £568 a month to only £290 a month, and now I am paying debt down I don’t have credit cards any more that go on forever.


no fees payday loan

Jennifer from Wolverhampton

The APR representative of my new unsecured loan is much lower than the credit cards and store cards I had; it is all easier to manage with a fixed monthly repayment that I can afford.  Fantastic result – no fees loans.


direct lenders no fee loans

Ellie From York

I had been in an abusive relationship and my ex-boyfriend got me into a lot of debt. I paid off all these debts and now I have a single payment just after payday that I can easily afford.  Loans with no fees are great.


bad credit history loans without fees

Sally from Reading

With the help of my new job, the debt consolidation loans affordability assessments were no problem for me. The repayment terms and APR rates were much lower than my other credit cards, store card and guarantor loan.  No broker fee loans were great for me.


no credit check no fee loans

Anne from Swindon

With my occupation, I could not have any CCJ’s ever. I used the debt consolidation loan to pay the debt collector Lowell, so they did not throw me in court. The loan saved my job I am so grateful.  Online loans without fees was great for me.


loans with no credit checks

Steve from Croydon

I got into a lot of gambling debt with credit cards, loans, and doorstep loans. During the lockdown, I decided to quit gambling and sort my life out. I got a debt consolidation loan and paid off all my old, defaulted debts and now I will ben debt free in 2025.  No fee loans are great.


no credit check loan UK

Mark from Birmingham

I lost my job and could not pay my loans, credit cards, car finance and car tax. Nasty, evil threatening letters from debt collectors rolled in daily. Once I got a new job, I got a debt consolidation loan, and I was able to pay off all the debt collectors. My monthly payment is only £241 per month.  No fees loans save me money each month.


loan with no credit history

Jill from Tooting

I had a personal loan, a guarantor loan, all at a high percentage rate. Now I have paid off my other loans, my parking tickets, and my car road tax. I just have one monthly payment that I can afford.


no credit check loans loans with no fees

Graham from North London

I had 6 payday loans, a doorstep loan, a credit card, and a store card. Now I just have one payment I can afford. Life is easy!


poor credit score no fees loans

Tony from Manchester – loans no fees

I had got into a doom spiral of short-term loans and payday loans all the time, I ended up thinking I was a Ponzi Schemer like Bernie Madoff! Now I have a debt consolidation loan I just have one payment coming out of my bank just after payday at the same time as my rent and other bills. I didn’t want to pay a fee, so no fees loans were awesome for me!


perform a credit check

Heather from Westminster – no fee loans

I had so many direct debits each month for loans, credit cards, sofas, and car payments. The direct debits were always bouncing because I did not have the money. Now I have paid everything off I just have 1 payment that comes out at the right time of the month.


No Broker Fee Secured Loans today are a great solution for someone that wants to keep their existing mortgage but needs to raise money.

Here are so great reasons you might want a secured loan rather than a remortgage:

  • The existing first charge mortgage is an outstanding rate not available today from any lender
  • Existing first charge mortgage is interest only when most lenders won’t offer interest-only any more
  • The existing first charge mortgage has a redemption penalty that is too high that would need to be paid
  • You don’t meet the criteria for a competitive first charge lender re-mortgage
  • There is an upper limit to what you can borrow on an unsecured loan compared with loans with no fees – No Broker Fee Secured Loans maybe a better option
  • You can take out a secured loan over a longer-term usually than an unsecured loan, often matched to the remainder of the term of your existing mortgage
  • The interest rates on a secured loan are likely to be lower than on an unsecured loan
  • It may be you’re the only option if you have bad credit.  Many competitive unsecured loan lenders will exclude people with bad credit or even a couple of late payments

Some buy to let landlords can get secured loans too, and these are sometimes called Landlord loans.  There is a big demand for No Broker Fee Secured Loans because people hate paying broker fees.

Potential Brexit effect on UK 2nd charge lending – No Broker Fee Secured Loans

It’s most likely that all but the hardest forms of Brexit have no impact on secured loans. Here are some bullet points:

  • If Brexit has a negative effect and house prices reduce or have the potential to reduce this will make 2nd charge lenders more cautious at the higher loan to value end of the market
  • If a weakened pound causes inflation to rise, interest rates will have to risk, putting pressure on peoples affordability
  • Any sort of risk or volatility in interests rates or the pound sterling could discourage the flow of foreign capital into the UK
  • If Brexit causes a recession/job losses and arrears in lending increase some lenders may exit the market completely
  • Loans With No Fees could have slightly higher rates
  • No Fee Loans – the choice could reduce
  • Loans No Fees could have a bigger redemption penalty
  • Because of covid 19 coronavirus people do not want to pay fees, they want  no broker fee loans to stop the waste of money.

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