YBS Equity Release – Yorkshire Building Society Lifetime Mortgage

YBS retirement interest only mortgage

YBS Yorkshire Building Society Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgages

Fixed rates for the entire term 2.49% MER.

  • No monthly repayments on some YBS equity release plans
  • RIO offer where you pay interest only each month
  • Opportunity for future cash drawdown
  • Continue to own and live in your own home
  • Get a tax free lump sum or monthly payments to supplement your income
  • Spend the money on anything you like

Equity release loan to value?

You can release 65% of your home’s value. As an example, if your home is valued at £220,000 you can borrow £143,000.


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YBS Equity Release

Does YBS offer Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, YBS does lifetime mortgages at 1.56% APR.

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Does YBS offer Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, YBS Equity Release Under 55 is 1.56% MER.

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Does YBS offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, YBS Retirement Mortgages are 1.56% APR.

Challenging to finance property titles can include properties built or converted into dwellings more than 10 years ago, properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, properties without direct access to an adopted highway or which are accessed over an unmade road, properties that have solar farms or a large number of wind turbines on the land and properties which have been built on a previously contaminated land are acceptable provided the result of an environmental search determines the land to be clear of contamination.

Challenging to mortgage property titles can include properties will be assessed for flood risk, high service charges – properties where the Service Charge per annum at the time of application is more than 2% of the property value, derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing, mundic homes and concrete panel houses.

Getting help when you want a remortgage or Equity Release

It’s very regular to discover people looking for remortgage terrible credit ok, bad credit mortgages or remortgages lousy credit. However, lenders like Paragon Residential are keen to see paperwork to show income in the form of state benefit letters, DWP letter or universal credit letters.

Does YBS offer Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, YBS Pensioner Mortgages are 1.56% APRC.

Hard to mortgage home variants include pre-fabricated reinforced concrete (PRC), properties with pre-1945 asbestos or similar composition roof tiles, large concrete panel systems, privately developed flats in blocks of five storeys or more and flats above or adjacent to commercial premises.

Paperwork to show income:

Secured loan lenders such as Spring Finance, Equifinance or United Trust Bank often accept evidence of affordability with

  • bank statements
  • p60
  • state benefit letters

For equity release plans, once you are a certain age you don’t need to show proof of income because you don’t need to make monthly payments.

Apply for a decision in principle from the Yorkshire or compare the Yorkshire with other lenders including Aviva, Legal and General and Hodge.

Common types of Low credit score

Lenders such as United Trust Bank, Paragon Personal Finance or Norton Finance can often loan to people with

  • poor payment history
  • defaults
  • late payments

Difficult to finance home variants include properties in the course of construction or pre-construction, properties where tenants live in a self-contained part of the property, leasehold properties where the lease length is currently unacceptable, properties with unregistered titles subject to these being registered as part of the legal process and properties with single skin brickwork.

Finding second mortgages

It’s sometimes a lower cost to get a secured loan than a remortgage.

Arranging lousy credit history online mortgage companies:

The term of loans available with Secure Trust Bank

  • 20 years
  • Five years
  • 20 years

Secured Loans fees

  • completion fee
  • valuation fees
  • broker fee

Seeking guidance when it’s necessary for a secured loan

  • financial advisor
  • expert
  • brokers

It is very regular to discover individuals looking for top subprime mortgage lenders, bad credit mortgage 90 ltv or subprime loans for people with bad credit. However, lenders like Pepper Money are keen to see paperwork to show income in the form of sa302 documents, investment statements or pay stubs.

Mortgage Loan to Value

It’s often found to find individuals looking for percentages for a loan to value of 70%, 75% or even as much as 90%, however, it’s hard to get 95%.

Common LTV percentages of Virgin Money mortgages for over 70s, Direct Line interest only lifetime mortgages for over 70s, Sainsbury’s later life interest-only mortgages over 70, Coventry Building Society interest-only mortgages for over 65-year-olds, West Bromwich Building Society lifetime mortgages for people over 55 and National Counties Building Society pensioner mortgages over 60 are 50%, 60% and 65%.

Finding help when it’s necessary for speedy remortgage

It’s very regular to find individuals seeking out remortgage on lousy credit, remortgage for people with bad credit or remortgage companies that work with low credit scores, however, loan companies like Manchester Building Society are keen to see proof of income in the form of p60s, pay stubs or pension statements.

Fees for secured loans

  • valuation fees
  • early repayment charge

Lenders terms and rates for Buy to let Residential Property including for subprime credit

  • Flexible mortgages Norton Home Loans
  • Cashback mortgages Mansfield
  • Discounted rate mortgages Paragon Residential

The lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold terraced house or a Leasehold flat and if the occupier is an AST Tenant.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society Pensioner Mortgages are 1.56% MER.

Common loan to value percentage ratios of LV= help to buy for over 60s, More2Life retirement mortgages over 65, One Family interest only retirement mortgages for over 70s, Yorkshire Bank mortgages for over 50 year olds, Royal London later life mortgages for over 70s and Axa RIO mortgages over 75 are 50%, 60% and 70%.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society Retirement Mortgages are 1.56% APRC.

Some of the most popular loan to values of TSB mortgages for people over 50, Barclays mortgages for people over 50, Natwest equity release plans for people over 60, Legal and General interest only mortgages for over 65 year olds, Bank of Scotland over 60 mortgages and Nationwide Building Society equity release plans for people over 60 are 50%, 55% and 65%.

Some of the most common pensioner mortgage products include Lloyds Bank lifetime mortgages, Barclays equity release plans, Post Office interest only mortgages for people over 70, Legal & General mortgages for 60 year olds and Nationwide Building Society later life borrowing schemes.

Do Yorkshire Building Society do Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society Equity Release Under 55 is 1.56% MER.

Yorkshire Building Society is a member of the Building Societies Association and is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Yorkshire Building Society is entered in the Financial Services Register, and its registration number is 106085.

Head Office Postal Address:

Yorkshire House,

Yorkshire Drive,


BD5 8LJ.

References to ‘YBS Group’ or ‘Yorkshire Group’ refer to Yorkshire Building Society, the trading names under which it operates (Chelsea Building Society, the Chelsea, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, N&P and Egg) and it’s subsidiary companies.

The egg is a registered trademark of Yorkshire Building Society.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society Retirement Mortgages are 1.56% APRC.


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Mortgages In Retirement

Bad Credit Loans To Pay Off Debt

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Some of the most common retirement loan offerings are TSB mortgages over 65, Barclays Bank lifetime mortgages, Post Office lifetime mortgages, Legal & General mortgages for over 65 and Nationwide BS later life borrowing schemes.

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How much cash can I get?

You can achieve 60% of your property’s valuation. For example, if your house is valued at £240000 you can borrow £144000.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society Pensioner Mortgages are 1.56% MER.