Poor Credit History Homeowner Finance

Bad Credit Equity Release Options

Ravenwood services have finance options for homeowners looking to release equity from their properties

  • Products for people with and without mortgages currently
  • Use your own home, a buy to let property, a commercial or mixed use property
  • For some products your bad credit is irrelevant and only checks on your identity are performed as regulations dictate.  Poor credit history includes types like CCJ’s, defaults, missed payments and arrears.
  • Low rates including Fixed, Variable, discounted and tracker options
  • Many options available to people under 55 years old unlike other equity release products
  • Rates that are Fixed, Discounted, Tracking and Variable
  • Some lender products do simple electronic valuations
  • Shared ownership OK
  • Tier 2 Visa Holders
  • Tax free lump sum
  • Your Equity Release Requirements

  • About You

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Getting help when you want a remortgage

It’s usual to encounter individuals looking for bad credit remortgage specialist, remortgage lenders for bad credit or are there remortgages for bad credit however mortgage lenders like Virgin Money PLC are keen to see paperwork to show affordability in the form of state benefit letters, payslips or universal credit letters.

Paperwork to show income:

Lenders such as Spring Finance, Masthaven or Central Trust often accept evidence of affordability with

  • wage slips
  • p60

Examples of bad credit

Secured loan lenders such as Norton Finance, Norton Finance or United Trust Bank can often lend to people with

  • ccj records
  • late installments

Affordability criteria for homeowner loans

It’s common to find cheaper to get a secured loan than a re finance.

Finding heavy adverse credit companies:

  • Foundation Home Loans
  • Bluestone Mortgages
  • Paragon BTLPortfolio
  • Accord Mortgages

Common mortgage durations with Buckinghamshire Building Society

  • 28 years
  • 6 years


  • broker fees
  • arrangement fees
  • completion fee

Finding help when its necessary for a homeowner loan

  • brokers
  • financial advisor

Its very regular to discover people searching for get a mortgage with poor credit, best mortgage lenders for bad credit or poor credit mortgage lenders however home loan lenders like Yorkshire Building Society are keen to see proof of monthly income in the form of p60, pension statements or universal credit letters.

Mortgage Loan to Value (LTV)

It is common to encounter individuals looking for mortgage loan to value (LTV) of 70%, 85% or even as much as 95% however its hard to get 95%.

Getting help when its necessary for speedy remortgage

It is very regular to find individuals searching for morgage for bad credit, remortgage lender for bad credit or low credit remortgage however loan companies like Tipton and Coseley are keen to see evidence of affordability in the form of p60, payslips or accountants certificate.

Costs for secured loans

  • Up front fees
  • Valuation fees
  • Booking fees
  • Broker fees

Types of mortgages lenders offer for Primary Residence including for heavy adverse credit

  • Discounted rate mortgages Teachers B Building Society
  • Repayment mortgages Furness Building Society
  • Cashback mortgages Tipton and Coseley

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Semi detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat and if the occupier is a Owner Occupier Primary Residence.

Get your financial needs in order before the risk of a No Deal/Hard Brexit makes some lenders leave the UK Finance market.