About to bid at auction or already won a lot?

bridging loan for farmhouse

While Ravenwood would always recommend “doing your homework”, sometimes auction properties can come along where the prices are just too tempting.  You have to make a decision there and then.

At Ravenwood, we are used to raising finance very quickly, and we have saved numerous people from defaulting on their auction purchases. One of the benefits of bridging loans is that the money can be released to you very quickly.

Depending on the individual case, we can raise funding on the property being purchased or another property in your portfolio.

Even challenging cases that may involve:

  • Residential properties with sitting tenants
  • No functional or missing kitchen and bathroom
  • Uninhabitable or property in deplorable condition
  • Complex and unconventional leasehold property
  • Flying freehold property
  • Change of use scenario property
  • Semi Commercial property titles
  • Large Multi let or licenced/unlicensed HMO
  • Property with modifications done without building regs or planning permission
  • Part-completed properties or property developments where the developer has gone bust
  • Developments without planning permission or with rejected planning applications
  • Fire damaged property

Some of the most lucrative opportunities can often be the ones that are risky and difficult.

Auction property finance – Bridging loans

Depending on your circumstances and time scales, it may be possible to do a very quick re-mortgage on one of your existing properties to release equity. Still, generally, Bridging loans are the best option for people buying property at auction.

Check out property available at auction:

  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/London/auction.html
  2. http://www.countrywidepropertyauctions.co.uk/
  3. http://auctions.savills.co.uk/
  4. http://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk/

How much can I release?

You can achieve 65% of your property’s value. For example, if your house is valued at £330000, you can borrow £214500.

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