Bad Credit Buy to Let Mortgages for UK Property

Bad Credit Buy to Let Mortgages and Remortgages

from Ravenwood in 2020

New Lenders as of Summer 2019 not featuring on comparison sites!

Even with some poor credit history, bad credit does not mean bad service from Ravenwood.  If your a private investor or a director of a UK Limited Company, you have a good chance of getting a buy to let property mortgage or remortgaging a buy to let property if you have some missed payments, ccj’s or defaults.

Some mortgages don’t require any proof of personal income.  You don’t need to have extensive experience as a landlord or own other property with some of our lenders.  With some lenders you don’t even need to own the property you live in your self.

Other features accessible through Ravenwood Lenders:

  • Some lenders allow older borrowers or pensioners
  • When the rental incomes in the area are strong, higher loan to value rations can be achieved
  • Mortgages for Freehold houses, leasehold houses, leasehold flats and some non standard property types
  • HMO mortgages and remortgages with some poor credit
  • Fast purchase mortgages for people who have purchased property at auction or purchases of BTL property where a very fast completion is necessary
  • Finance out of Bridging Finance quickly
  • Many of our specialist lenders with the most flexible terms are “broker only” and not available on the comparison engine websites
  • Some lenders offer fast electronic valuations at a lower cost
  • Initial rates from 2.39%

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Get your mortgages sorted out before “Brexit” risks the UK mortgage market!  Its often wise to find out what information is held about you by contacting Experian and Equifax or subscribing to services like clearscore or noddle.

interest only lifetime mortgage santander
Interest only lifetime mortgage Santander

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These are some of our lenders we use:

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