Best remortgage deals with no fees

If your:

  • Looking for a better rate
  • Want a better mortgage as your income/credit score has improved
  • Your existing discount/fixed rate term has come to an end
  • Want to release equity for purchase of another property
  • Want to get an ex partner off the title of your home
  • You want to add your new partner to the title of your home
  • You want to remortgage to match the term to your retirement plans
  • You want a fixed rate because you think rates are going to go up
  • Your homes value has gone up a lot and this lets you get a better deal
  • You want to have the option of overpaying your mortgage and your existing lender won’t let you
  • You want a more flexible mortgage that allows you to offset your savings or take payment holidays
  • You want to keep your existing home and move to another home – you likely will need to change to a Buy to Let mortgage
  • Your existing lender has offered you a financial incentive to redeem your mortgage with them and go elsewhere
  • You only need a low loan to value and you prefer to invest your money each month so you want interest only terms