Best remortgage deals with no fees

If your:

  • Looking for a better rate
  • Want a better mortgage as your income/credit score has improved
  • Your existing discount/fixed rate term has come to an end
  • Want to release equity for purchase of another property
  • Want to get an ex partner off the title of your home
  • You want to add your new partner to the title of your home
  • You want to remortgage to match the term to your retirement plans
  • You want a fixed rate because you think rates are going to go up
  • Your homes value has gone up a lot and this lets you get a better deal
  • You want to have the option of overpaying your mortgage and your existing lender won’t let you
  • You want a more flexible mortgage that allows you to offset your savings or take payment holidays
  • You want to keep your existing home and move to another home – you likely will need to change to a Buy to Let mortgage
  • Your existing lender has offered you a financial incentive to redeem your mortgage with them and go elsewhere
  • You only need a low loan to value and you prefer to invest your money each month so you want interest only terms
  • Your Mortgage Requirements

  • About You

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What is LTI and LTV?

LTI is Loan to income ratio, and LTV is loan to value ratio.  Ravenwood have a lender offering some borrowers 85% LTV 6x LTI Mortgages 2018 for some borrowers.  The same little known lender can offer some borrowers 95% LTV and 5x LTI.  Ideal for people without big commitments for car finance and credit cards.

What about my income?

Ravenwood Services have sourced mortgages for people that have been on a salary for a short length of time and they have sourced mortgages and remortgages for people with only One years accounts.

If you want to remortgage with bad credit the lenders expect the brokers to charge a fee to cover some costs.