2nd Charge Lending for Residential Buy to Let Landlords

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If you are looking to raise money, maybe to buy more property or setup a business, now UK buy to let landlords can raise money against their properties using a second charge, subject to valuation and loan to value criteria. Landlord loans can be arranged quite quickly and have minimal fees and other costs associated.

Its hard to make them complete as quickly as Bridging Finance, but can be a great option where a remortgage is not wise.  If your existing mortgage has a particularly good rate or terms attached it may pay to keep this finance in place.  Also for some people who are past a certain age getting conventional mortgages or remortgages is getting more difficult.

A further advance?

These loans are a little bit like a further advance, but lenders are often unwilling to offer a further advance especially where the existing terms very much favour the borrower not the lender.