Debt Consolidation Loan Options for people with Bad Credit Unsecured for Tenants and Homeowners

Are you in this situation?

  • Phone calls continually from creditors you owe cash to
  • Cumbersome disorganised payments for different creditors at different times of the month
  • Direct debits not honoured bay your band with bank fees making the whole problem worse
  • Lots of days of the month left when your wages have run out
  • Payday loans have maybe made your financial situation much worse as the interest you’ve given to the payday mafia has destroyed your ability to pay your essential bills
  • Have you or someone close to you been hit hard by the COVID19 – Coronavirus crisis

The solution:

  • A debt consolidation loan to pay off all bills you have on an unsecured basis
  • Poor Credit is no problem
  • No Guarantor is needed
  • Tenants and homeowners treated the same
  • No broker or lenders fees are added on or collected upfront
  • Get an instant decision on an application
  • You get a 1 month payment holiday at the start
  • Pay principal and interest, or for a limited time just interest only

Uses of debt consolidation loans:

  • Bills in arrears like council tax, gas, electric supply and water
  • Store cards
  • Credit cards
  • High-cost personal loans, doorstep loans even if they are in arrears
  • Credit for TV’s, Ovens, Washing Machines and other white goods
  • Car finance including HP, PCP, lease including to clear arrears
  • HMRC Income tax payment arrears and VAT payments

With no guarantor, no fees, bad credit score and no need to own a home or sign it away please fill in the form below:

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