Self Employed Mortgages

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Self Employed Borrowing

Being your own boss is great and something many people strive to be one day. Obtaining a mortgage when you are self-employed can be tricky, and for that reason it is imperative that you seek out the services of an experienced adviser.

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Our approach to Self Employed borrowers

At Ravenwood Services we understand the hoops and hurdles you must overcome when applying for a self employed mortgage. Our specialist advisers have extensive knowledge of both the property and mortgage markets and our aim is to make the process as quick and trouble-free as possible.

We deal with everyone from small sole traders who lack a clear working history to executive contractors with large but irregular incomes. Often, many clients come to us after they have failed with direct applications to banks and building societies. Because lenders perform credit checks on all applicants, approaching too many financial institutions can leave a black mark against your credit score.

Our expertise comes in understanding the criteria and underwriting procedures of key lenders so we can find you a suitable deal without you having to go around the houses. This will not only help to keep your rating intact, it will ensure you get what you really want – the money for your house purchase or re-mortgage.

Give us a call on our local London 0203 number today and we will search the self employed mortgage market for you in minutes, and provide you with information that we hope will set you on the road to moving into your dream home.

Self Employed Mortgage Interest Only

Why give the bank their money back?  Its a good question.  Ravenwood London mortgages have some interest only options for the self employed too.

Self Cert Mortgages

Some overseas lenders are offering self certification mortgages, usually for people with a high net worth.