Mortgages for UK Limited Companies


For large portfolios of properties, some people may save tax to hold their properties in a UK limited company.  Also for very valuable properties, it may be useful to have one company just hold the one property as its sole asset and have little or no other trading activity.

It can be more tax-efficient to hold multiple UK properties in one UK limited company.

Some people set up structures where a UK company acts as an agent for an overseas or offshore company to save tax or for asset protection.  A buy to let mortgage for limited company is generally very similar to a normal mortgage with very similar terms.

Ravenwood Services know the lenders that are happy to lend to individuals acting for companies.  Some of the high-street banks that we have arrangements with will lend on these terms also and the mortgages are exactly the same products as you see on the comparison websites.  Ravenwood would never advocate applying for a mortgage from a comparison website as the likelihood of you being turned down is much higher as the borrower rarely knows each lender’s exact criteria.  Lots of credit checks for mortgage applications can knock down your credit score.

Here are some scenario’s:

  • SPV (special purpose vehicle) companies that are newly formed
  • Existing trading company mortgages
  • With and without personal guarantee (PGs)
  • Minor amounts of adverse credit can be accepted
  • Up to 85% LTV (loan to value)
  • No accounts, 1 years accounts, 2 years accounts or more
  • Higher loan to value financing with additional security
  • Pre-agreed credit lines of credit for cash auction purchases
  • Interest-only terms depending on LTV and other factors

Regulated finance companies:

Accord Mortgages
Evolution Funding Ltd
Marsden Building Society
Royal Bank of Scot (Mortgage Centre)
Lloyds TSB
Masthaven Secured Loans Ltd
Evolution Money
Yorkshire Bank
Paragon Car Finance
Saffron Building Society
Pavillion Securities Ltd
Blemain Finance Ltd

Debt Help Direct

Lifetime Mortgages For Over 60S

Debt Loans Bad Credit

Co-operative Bank

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How much cash can I release?

You can release 70% of your home’s value. For example, if your home is valued at £220000 you can borrow £154000.

Debt Consolidation Loans With Bad Credit