Mortgages for UK Limited Companies

limitedcompanyownedpropertyFor large portfolios of properties some people may save tax to hold their properties in a UK limited company.  Also for very valuable properties it may be useful to have one company just hold the one property as its sole asset and have little or no other trading activity.

It can be more tax efficient to hold multiple UK properties in one UK limited company.

Some people setup structures where a UK company acts as an agent for an overseas or offshore company to save tax or for asset protection.  A buy to let mortgage for limited company is generally very similar to a normal mortgage with very similar terms.

Ravenwood Services know the lenders that are happy to lend to individuals acting for companies.  Some of the high-street banks that we have arrangements with will lend on these terms also and the mortgages are exactly the same products as you see on the comparison websites.  Ravenwood would never advocate applying for a mortgage from a comparison website as the likelihood of you being turned down is much higher as the borrower rarely knows each lenders exact criteria.  Lots of credit checks for mortgage applications can knock down your credit score.

Here are some scenario’s:

  • SPV (special purpose vehicle) companies that are newly formed
  • Existing trading company mortgages
  • With and without personal guarantee (PGs)
  • Minor amounts of adverse credit can be accepted
  • Up to 85% LTV (loan to value)
  • No accounts, 1 years accounts, 2 years accounts or more
  • Higher loan to value financing with additional security
  • Pre agreed credit lines of credit for cash auction purchases
  • Interest only terms depending on LTV and other factors

Regulated finance companies:


Virgin Media
Accord Mortgages
OSB t/a Reliance Property Loans-Acenden
Abcul Glasgow Council Credit Union
BCW Group Plc T/A Buchanan Clark & Wells
Abcul St Albans District Credit Union Ltd
Leasing Facilities Ltd
The Carphone Warehouse – AOL
St James Place – Loans
Evolution Funding Ltd
Marsden Building Society
BPO Collections Ltd
Third Party Formations Ltd T/A The Co
NCI Resources
Close Fnce (CI) Ltd
Cygnet Financial Services Ltd.
Capita Tracing Solutions Ltd
Wiltshire Credit Union
First Trust Loans/Current Accounts
Webb Resolutions Limited
Southern Pacific
Opos Limited
Nelson Finance
Royal Bank of Scot (Mortgage Centre)
Sntandr Crds UK Cred SVS Ltd (ASDA)
HD Decisions
Family Finance Ltd
Mutual Clothing And Supply
Conister Bank Limited
Topaz Finance Plc
UK Search
Target Professional Serviceds
BT Retail
Marlin Financial Sevices
192 Business
Vodafone Ltd Gemini
Citifinancial *
Oakwood Homeloans TOC
Evergreen Finance
Alliance and Leicester Mortgages
FGA Capital UK Ltd
Onesys Financial Limited
Evolution Banking Ltd
Financial Processing Limited T/A FLM
Abcul Scotwest Credit Union
Classic Leasing Ltd
Link Financial Ltd
Duncton Plc
R.B.O.S Group (One Account)
Liverpool & Victoria Loans
Honda Finance Europe
Southwalk Credit Union
Metro Bank Plc
Loans Warehouse-Shawbrook Bank
Santander Cards UK (H Nichols) (I)
Cumberland Building Society
Dalbeattie Finance Co. Ltd
Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union
DMM Investments Ltd
Bretarec Ltd
Mallard Leasing Ltd
Max Recovery
Lloyds TSB
GE Money Home Finance
RBS Group Defaults
YBS T/A Chelsea Building Society
Mortgage Agency Service
Hutchison 3G
Airdrie Savings Bank
Hillesden Securities
Standard Life Bank
Secret Eye Limited
Tessera Group
UK Fuels (Diesel Card Solutions)
Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd
Egg Banking Plc
Barclaycard Centre
Blantyre Credit Union
Santander Current Account
Ikano Financial Services Ltd
Equidebt Ltd
Carlyle Finance Commercial (2)
BOS Mastercard
BOS Card Services
National Counties Building Society
Next Directory
Barclaycard BHS
Coutts & Co
C L Finance
Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Plc
Barclaycard Hilton
George Walker & Co
Charities Aid Foundation
HH & M Rowells AB T/A H & M Online
Red Kite Finance Ltd
Hastings Insurance Services Ltd
BMI Healthcare Ltd
Whichdeal Ltd T/A Crdit Plus
Carlyle Finance (2)
White Eagle
Nissan Finance Commercial
Stockport Credit Union Limited
Severn Trent Water Ltd
Revolution Rentals Ltd – Corporate & Medical Finance
One Savings Bank Plc
Preferred Mortgages
Credit Ancillary Services Ltd T/A ECI
GLE One London
Thames Water Utilites Ltd
Corbetts Dudley Ltd
The Co-Operative Credit Union
Leeds Bldg.Soc. (Mortgage Dep QDOS)
Valour Loans Limited
First Trust Bank
Masthaven Secured Loans Ltd
Private and Commerical Fin .Co
Barclaycard – HD Decisions Ltd
Santander Cards UK (Debenhams) (I)
Lifestyle Mortgages Limited (I)
Dumbarton Credit Union
Tesco Mobile Limited
Status Enquiry (Nottm) Ltd
Cherry Godfrey Finance Ltd
Bank of Ireland Mortgages
Snap-on-tools Ltd
Arrow Global Ltd
CA Premier Banking Ltd
Abcul Scottish Police Credit Union
Debt Managers Limited
Scottish Widows Bank
Clydesdale Bank Default
Evolution Money
Close Credit Management
Mercedes Benz Financial Svs UK Ltd
Gopher Money Ltd
Droitwich Finance Limited
BOS Private Banking
Guardian Finance Limited
Cumbria Community Asset & Investment Trust
Al Rayan Bank
T B I Financial Services
Diners Club International
American Express
FLS Corporate Referencing Ltd
Bibby Leasing Limited
Arkle Finance Ltd
Welcome Financial Services Plc
Yorkshire Bank Default Only
Talbot Investigations Services
Vanquis Bank
Paragon Car Finance
MacKenzie Hall
HLC Group
Coral Windows (BDF) Ltd
Barclaycard Sol Fin & Skycard (I)
Galen Finance
Alliance & Leicester Credit Cards SVS
Time Retail Finance (I)
County Asset Finance Ltd
Barclays Bank Plc (Woolwich) Currt Acct
Naylors Finance Ltd
Saffron Building Society
Pavillion Securities Ltd
Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd
Sygma Bank Uk Limited
Arbuthnot Latham & Co Ltd
Barclays Stockbrokers Ltd
Volkswagen Financial Services Ltd
Ludlow Thompson Ltd
Robinson Way
Private and Commerical Finance
RBOS Personal Loans
Capitalise Business Support Ltd
Grant & Stone Ltd
VIIL – Experto Credite Ltd
Highdorn Company Ltd
Derbyshire Building Society
Blemain Finance Ltd – Moneycall Ltd
Barclays Bank
Co-operative Bank
Blue Motor Finance Ltd
Clockwise, Leicester’s Credit Union
JD Williams
Creation Consumer Finance Ltd
Orange Home
Crocus Home Loans SAH
STB Plc – Personal Lending
Evington Leasing
HFC Bank
St James’s Place – Mortgages
Kingsway Finance