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Find out if you can get a good fixed rate from Barclays.  Borrow money for debt consolidation, a new car, or anything you like.

  • Loan to Value up to 95%
  • Available to young people and older people with a pension
  • No brokers fees
  • Simple application with an immediate in principle decision
  • Have a short loan term or match it to the term of your mortgage
  • Details of your home

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House in Torquay
House in Torquay

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Barclays Bank Secured Loan options

Financial management is an essential aspect of our fast-paced life. Getting finance for different needs in the form of personal loan, debt consolidation loan, house finance or any other type of loans, Barclays bank’s Secured Loans is a unique financial solution for everyone because secure loan product is not available on comparison sites and also not featured on comparison engines. Mainly due to its amazingly flexible offers including affordability and it need not bother much about credit scores. Whether, it is Poor credit, adverse credit or bad credit, applicants can get a free valuation of loan to value for your asset and get the required financing. LTV is done on priority within no time wasted.

There are a variety of lenders who can benefit from these secured loans with long term or short-term duration with 80%, 85%, 90% and up to 95% valued secured loans are offered, based on applicants’ overall assets and financial standings. Another important thing about the secured loan is that not only self-employed, part-time employed but also the pensioners after their retirement, can also avail this offer without any guarantor. Bank’s financial expert can also provide a settlement for divorce/ separation-related debt issues, different debt management plans and also match the term to an existing outstanding mortgage (if there is any existing mortgage too) with no broker fee applied. Secured loans services are also available for discharged bankrupt with best possible solutions. Other DMPs like CCJ’s cases for repayments of debts, having arrears with other banks, can also consult the bank’s financial experts for best solutions of secured loans. Similarly, other default cases can also be assisted for free concerning secured loan processing for the same.

Barclays Bank is known for best interest rates that are competitive in the market and ensures Libor rate as per Bank of England’s guidelines and directive. Bank’s financial experts will also provide the applicants with a complete assessment of their application including a monthly payment plan, best applicable flat rate, early repayment charges (if applicable), initial redemption charges detail and payment holiday also included in this loan.

Secured loans also privilege the buy to let property with the fastest processing. Similarly, equity release for a homeowner, commercial or residential property owner such as home or flat, can be availed on capital value with best attractive packages powered by secured loans. With secured loans, there are not only prime loans, but subprime financing is also available for those who are suffering from repayment of their debts, including credit card repayments. The second mortgage is also possible for already mortgaged properties under secured loans. 2nd mortgage will be total equity remaining on a mortgaged property. Hence, there is an option of secured loan in the form of second charge mortgage where 2nd charge allows using any equity on home as security for the loan.

Lenders do not have to have an account with the bank, and there is no strong Credit history require. Credit score can be under 55 Over 55 to be eligible for secured loans, secured loans are very flexible for end of term Age over 55 years, and there are also criteria based on flexible wage slips. One can also avail the secured loans services based on their P60 form and SA302 certificate. The bank emphasis is to provide secured loan services with the most convenient and minimal credit search where the bank’s soft search is just a formality not impacting applicants case with secure loans. Secured loans can be based on fixed-rate as well as tracker rate based on individual circumstances and their assets type; as different assets have different value and nature concerning discounted rates

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